Places of Aging

Each of us lives in a world made up of numerous and varied places that comprise the total environment in which we exist and the context of our lives past, present and future:

·      Our society & culture

·      Our natural world

·      Our community connections

·      Our house & home

·      Our family & friends

·      Our mind  & body

·      Our future

These places are not discrete nor are they disconnected, rather, each has an importance that tends to fluctuate in importance over our lifetime. At one point we may find our families dominate the places in which we live, at another, it may be our community. By identifying and defining these “places,” we are able to reflect on the multidimensional aspects of our lives and plan for the future in a constructive and meaningful way.


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About Marian

Marian Leah Knapp, Ph.D., wants to start a new conversation about “aging with intent.” Much of what is written about elders is from the point of view of physicians, psychiatrists, gerontologists, and adult children. In her roles as author, columnist, speaker and elder activist, Marian is reporting from the front lines.
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