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House and home are defined in many different ways whether urban or rural, house or apartment, antique or contemporary. Yet most would agree that the importance of home comes from the intimate relationship we have with it and the memories it produced. Every sound it makes, the view from every window, the smells of each season, the objects that clutter it are all familiar. Our home and the things in it often become a complex, life-defining entity.

Deciding whether to stay in one’s home or to move somewhere new is a thorny issue. It is certainly difficult to leave one’s home for the unknown, but it might be more difficult to maintain a free-standing residence, renovate it for our aging, and arrange for the services to age at home, or to risk loneliness.

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Do I stay or do I go?

When faced with a decision such as this, my inclination is to research my options, removing the word “unknown” from what lies beyond life in my current home. The next step needn’t be a nursing home, as many may believe. The next step, depending on needs and resources, could be a rental apartment, an independent senior residence, or a continuing care community. Researching these options helped me understand my choices and define a list of priorities to consider. The more I learned, the more proactive I could be about my decision about where to live now, where to live next and perhaps, where I might want to live after that.

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Marian Leah Knapp, Ph.D., wants to start a new conversation about “aging with intent.” Much of what is written about elders is from the point of view of physicians, psychiatrists, gerontologists, and adult children. In her roles as author, columnist, speaker and elder activist, Marian is reporting from the front lines.
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