1. Reflections on Getting Older

    I used to have this fantasy that the summer months should be a time of fun, relaxation, and not thinking about anything too serious. I suppose I could work on maintaining that illusion, but the passage of time and life events often prevent that from happening. For one thing, my...
  2. The Reassurance of Recipes

    It has been a rough winter for me. There were serious illnesses in the family with the death of a dear cousin. There is more ahead as another relative has a terminal diagnosis. I, too, had some health problems, but fortunately mine, although very uncomfortable, were mendable. Mainly the solutions...
  3. Housing in Three Not-So-Easy Stages

    There is much discussion about housing projects in my city newspapers, web-sites, e-mails, public announcements, and meetings. This spate of publicity reveal s passionate opinions for and against whatever type of housing is being discussed. I can commiserate with people on various sides. I understand how people who have lived...
  4. Goodbye 2013

    Two-thousand and thirteen was a hard year for me and I am very glad to see it go. I insist that 2014 be better. Of course, I have no control over what this New Year will be like, but I have steadfast, hopeful expectations. I have to believe it will...

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Marian Leah Knapp, Ph.D., wants to start a new conversation about “aging with intent.” Much of what is written about elders is from the point of view of physicians, psychiatrists, gerontologists, and adult children. In her roles as author, columnist, speaker and elder activist, Marian is reporting from the front lines.
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