1. Sorting Pictures

    A few days ago I decided to take on one of my big to-do-tasks. It was time to sort photographs and other odds-and-ends of personal history, discard things I didn’t want, and organize the remainders so that I knew what I had. I wanted to be able to put my...
  2. Philosophy and Aging

    Once a week I receive an e-mail from Linkedin telling me the number of times my name came up in a search. Most of the time I erase the message, but today I looked. Some small cadre of people searched for “Philosophy” and “Aging” and my name had popped up....
  3. I Am Still Me

    I am coming up on a pretty big birthday this summer. Certainly, there are many people who are older than I am, but there are a lot more who are younger. When I was 64 years old and with a family history of longevity, I realized that I could have...
  4. Loss and Life on the Beach

    From time to time I write about being on the beach. Mostly I find myself on Wellfleet Town or National Seashore beaches. My experiences there include visits to protected bay beaches with their calm waters and carpets of shells, crab remains, and rounded stones. But I also walk along the...
  5. Reflections at Yellowstone

    Last spring I began to sense that I needed a break. I was feeling anxious and at odds with myself, and couldn’t figure out why. Maybe it was the seeming confusion and uncertainty of the local and national political scenes. Maybe I hadn’t accomplished all that I had hoped in...
  6. When to Stop the Show

    At High Holiday services just a few days ago, Rabbi Joel Sisenwine told a story that, at first, seemed off-base in the middle of the seriousness of the day. He began to talk about a 2014 Garth Brooks concert in Minneapolis. I wondered what the point was until the Rabbi...
  7. Reflections on Getting Older

    I used to have this fantasy that the summer months should be a time of fun, relaxation, and not thinking about anything too serious. I suppose I could work on maintaining that illusion, but the passage of time and life events often prevent that from happening. For one thing, my...
  8. Goodbye 2013

    Two-thousand and thirteen was a hard year for me and I am very glad to see it go. I insist that 2014 be better. Of course, I have no control over what this New Year will be like, but I have steadfast, hopeful expectations. I have to believe it will...

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Marian Leah Knapp, Ph.D., wants to start a new conversation about “aging with intent.” Much of what is written about elders is from the point of view of physicians, psychiatrists, gerontologists, and adult children. In her roles as author, columnist, speaker and elder activist, Marian is reporting from the front lines.
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