1. When to Stop the Show

    At High Holiday services just a few days ago, Rabbi Joel Sisenwine told a story that, at first, seemed off-base in the middle of the seriousness of the day. He began to talk about a 2014 Garth Brooks concert in Minneapolis. I wondered what the point was until the Rabbi...
  2. Age-friendly From the Inside Out

    The ideas for many of my age-friendly articles come from the perspective of others. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that “age-friendly service providers, public officials, community leaders, faith leaders and business people: recognize the great diversity among older persons, promote their inclusion and contribution in all areas of community...
  3. Aging in the Here and Now

    On April 10, 2017, I attended the Age-Friendly Communities Conference, sponsored by AARP, Tufts Health Plan Foundation, Grantmakers in Aging, and FSG, a “mission-driven consulting firm for leaders in search of large-scale, lasting social change.” It was terrific. I learned a great deal that will guide my city’s initiative as...
  4. Denial and Disrespect

    I was at a meeting the other evening and a grey-haired woman mentioned that people had tended not to notice her as she got older. She began to feel invisible. As she got greyer and greyer, she was more and more ignored. However, she decided to get a pair of...
  5. What is “Olding?”

    I have never been quite comfortable with the term “aging,” at least in the context of what I write about and work on all the time -what it is like to get older. Although there is a general acceptance of the fact that we are all “aging” the term itself...
  6. Am I My Mother’s Daughter?

    What a monumentally historic day it was for women when Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination for President at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. She said, “Standing here as my mother’s daughter, and my daughter’s mother, I’m so happy this day has come. When any barrier falls in America, for anyone,...

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Marian Leah Knapp, Ph.D., wants to start a new conversation about “aging with intent.” Much of what is written about elders is from the point of view of physicians, psychiatrists, gerontologists, and adult children. In her roles as author, columnist, speaker and elder activist, Marian is reporting from the front lines.
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